Terrorist Organizations: Becoming Life Threatening for Bloggers in Bangladesh

Terrorist Organizations: Becoming Life Threatening for Bloggers in Bangladesh

The world is driven by technology in the modern era. People from all walks of life utilize the power of internet to collect the information about the current affairs and also to get news from different parts of the globe. But, have you ever wondered from where do all these information come to you? Or who is behind the scene that allows you to know what going on? Blogging, a profession of writing and posting blogs about current affairs is responsible that bring all these details to you. Bloggers with some different set of skills including but not limited to passion, creativity, knowledge, and consistency make people aware of facts and bitter truths. Sometimes, saying or writing a truth can prove to be life threatening, and back to back murders of bloggers in Bangladesh is literally the right example in this context.
Terrorists, criminals, miscreants or whatever you call it have always been a threat to the safety and life of people. Regardless of thinking about families, without caring about sentiments, emotions and feelings of loved ones, they just believe in shedding blood. Similarly, Islamic criminal organizations are doing that has affected the honor of being a writer or blogger. Bloggers in Bangladesh are in danger; small community of atheists is terrified due to back to back to killings of bloggers. A list of atheist writers consisting over 100 names was drawn and widely circulated by a terrorist organization, The Ansarullah Bangla Team. This organization has made blogging a dangerous profession.
One such blogger, Monu Awal tried making a vivid impression on readers with his writing skills. His writing was completely focused on Islamic fundamentalism, politics based on religions and their involvement in terrorist activities. He gave his best so as to alert the community about the same. Moreover, he also wrote on a case of child sex abuse in the Islamic School called Madrasha in which he highlighted the way teacher tortured the students. Radical Islamists worked restlessly to find and kill him due to such blogging. He was just about to fly to Bangladesh, but dead threats on social networking sites such as Facebook prevented him to visit the place he wanted.He was on the target of radical Islamists since 2013. Other bloggers who also highlight such matters are also quite worried due to increasing killings. The list of bloggers killed by these criminals organizations is not limited to a single blogger, Roy, Rajeeb Haider, Jafar Munshi, Mamun Hossain, Jagatjyoti Talukder, Arif Hossain Dwip, Ziauddin Zakaria Babu and Wasikur Rahman are also some of those professional bloggers who have lost their lives due to writing on religious fundamentalism.
Have a look at another killing story that is surely going to give you Goosebumps. A prominenty Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy has also been killed due to speaking about the religios extremism. While walking through the capital of Bangladesh with his wife, he was attacked by three criminals. They killed him while leaving his wife seriously injured. Moreover, the leader of the death squad received a message on his disposable cell phone, says the police sources in Dhaka that proves the presence of criminal on the incident spot. In addition to this, right after a minute of the attack, leader received a message that confirms the killing of blogger. In the year 2013, Dhaka police made the first arrests in which they arrested five students of Dhaka North-South University. These students were found to be in connection with a murder of another blogger namely Rajeeb Haider. Bangladesh being an officially secular country, people should have all the freedom to think and express their point of views, thought and opinions, but when we talk about bloggers, you have to think twice before expressing anything. Criminal organizations are gaining the ground and they have literally set their theme in the minds of bloggers. If any idea pop into your head and you think you can write on Islamic fundamentalism, then you are going to be considered as anti-Islamic and you can be in trouble. Especially when you are in Bangladesh, you do not have the right to think freely and express your feelings and thoughts.
Just like Washiqur Rahman, Ananta Bijoy Das and Avijit Roy, – all the recent killings – the victim Niloy Neel was known to internet users as an atheist. They form a community who, for more than just a few years, used blog posts to challenge the existence of God, and to argue with Islamic and other religious and political ideas. There was one crucial difference in this killing, however: Neel was attacked in his own home, whereas the others were attacked in public.
Another thing you should take into consideration is, Talukder Shaheb, a young blogger associated with the Jamaat-e-Islami political party, also condemned the murders but defended those who want the bloggers arrested. He put a point forward that, in Bangladesh, you can be arrested while taking the name of Prime Minister in a bad way, in the same way; God is far more respected and praised as compared to the Prime Minister. The list of 84 bloggers was drawn up by Islamic groups in the year 2013 and has been widely circulated. Bloggers in Bangladesh need protection and there is no two ways about it. Since 2001, religious extremism has increased and it is becoming the main reason to drive the terrorism. Police officials of Bangladesh have advised bloggers to not to write anything that relates to religion or hurts the beliefs and feelings of people.
If you are one of those individuals who want to know more about the blogger threat in Bangladesh, then there are numerous online sources available these days that offer proper details as it is one of the biggest issues of concern. All you need to do is, roll your eyes over to the internet and locate one of the most reliable online sources to collect the information. Videos are also available online with the help of which you can come to know how complex the matter has become

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